Leadership profile and message

DR. ELIJAH JONG FIL KIM, Founder and Chairman, Grain of Wheat College and Graduate School

Together with his wife, Rev. Amy Kim came to the Philippines in 1992 to plant a church in   Taytay, Rizal – establishing A Grain of Wheat Christian Ministries. He is the founder and    Chairman of Grain of Wheat College Inc (GOWCI), which aims to train leaders and ministers for Southeast Asia and other parts of the world. He is also a founding member of Global Urban Ministries Network (GUMNet), Dr. Kim was adjunct faculty at Center for Urban Ministerial Education (CUME) Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in Boston, USA.  


Praise God for He is always doing amazing things. 

Welcome to Grain of Wheat College and Graduate School

There are many colleges and universities in the world, but Grain of Wheat College and Graduate School does not want to be just one of those schools, it seeks to be an educational institution that is unique, having both noble values ​​and divine purpose.

According to Proverb 29:18, ‘Where there is no vision, the people perish,’ (KJV)

Grain of Wheat College and Graduate School’s desire is to be used to fulfill God-given visions, to help foster amazing and remarkable growth in the many countries of Asia. Also, we want to help assist potential leaders to be fully equipped to do the work of the Lord. Many schools start with visions and try to achieve them. The vision of our school is to be used to help achieve the evangelization of Asia and the world. 

The vision of Grain of Wheat College and Graduate School is quite extensive. We want to teach not only secular disciplines and theology for Asian church leaders but also technology and science, engineering, medicine, education and pedagogy, and music and the arts. Our purpose is to nurture people in these fields so that they can serve as compassionate missionaries and leaders in these areas. In addition, we want to help the 15 million Filipino workers overseas who wish to stay in the field and fulfill their local missionary work. We can help them do this by providing localized mission and community training. We also seek to identify leaders in Asia and around the world and provide training for the development of faculty and leaders.

We live in an ever-changing world that presents many challenges. These challenges call for new mission and evangelization strategies, theological paradigms that reflect the needs of the cultures of the world, because of the significant geographical shifting of the Christian faith from the west to the non-western world. To address these challenges, Global Christianity has adopted a diversity of theological forms, worship, hierarchies, dogmas, and doctrines that have enriched the Christian heritage. As a result, there is a need for a theological institution that combines the richness of Christian traditions and practices from the various corners of the earth. So that the church will be appropriately prepared to evangelize the world with great speed and might. 

Grain of Wheat College and Graduate School is designed to allow students and scholars to experience all facets of Global Christianity. We focus on equipping leaders with academic and practical information so they can appropriately implement what they have learned in their missiological studies. We would like to invite capable young people from all over the world to come and learn, worship, and pray together for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. 

In this college and graduate school, you will experience how God is stirring up thousands of professional leaders, missionary candidates, marketplace leaders, and pastors to engage in professional work for World Mission, Revival, and Spiritual Awakenings. 

We are working hard to develop the academic curriculum, programs, and prominent faculty so we can produce leaders in Asia and around the world who are equipped with sound Christian character, professional skills, and spiritual training. 

We are focused on these three things: academic competence, character building, and spiritual training, in order that our students will be equipped not only in the Word and prayer but also in other areas of spiritual discipline so that they will have an anointed ministry.

Our school aims to develop a workforce that is balanced spiritually, intellectually, culturally, theologically, ecclesiastically, and practically and is equipped to minister globally.

  • Spiritually Awakened
  • Intellectually Disciplined
  • Cross-culturally Contextualized
  • Theologically Sound
  • Missions Focused
  • Practically Professional
  • Harvesting Globally

My prayer for you while you are here is that you would experience our God through prayer and intercession, learn all kinds of academic, theological, and practical disciplines, and that you would have fellowship with God and His people, who come from all races and cultures. 

I would be privileged to assist you in preparing to serve in the harvest fields of the world. May the Lord enrich you to know more of Him. 

REV. AMY EUN JOO KIM, Founder and Treasurer, Garin of Wheat College and Graduate School

Together with her husband, Dr. Elijah Kim, and their daughter Shalom, she came to the Philippines in 1992 to plant a church in Taytay, Rizal – establishing  A Grain of Wheat Christian Church. She is the Senior Pastor of A Grain of Wheat Church. She was a former drama director, a professor at Seoul Ye Sul Theological Seminary. She wrote 20 volumes of books about drama lessons.

Amy Kim


May the grace of our faithful Lord, Jesus Christ be with everyone.

The future of a country is based on education for the children of that country. That’s why education paves the way for a hundred-year future of a country. So is the church. Today’s children become adults after a generation, and they will become the foundation of the Kingdom of God’s growth and church revival. The revival of Christianity has a lot in common with children and youth growth and education. In this light, we wanted to be the school of leadership, knowledge, and integrity that opens the way to a brighter future ahead.

Grain Of Wheat College