Kindergarten Application

Kindergarten Enrollment Form
Grain Of Wheat College enrollment form for nursery and kindergarten
Specify whether the student is an existing student or new student or transfer student from another school
Specify the grade the student is applying for
Age of Student
Specify the gender of the student
Town or province where the student was born
Specify any health-related problems that the student has here, for instance, if they have any allergies or have specific health issues
Enter the country where the student comes from
Specify the Mother's full names here
Specify the occupation of the Mother
Specify the religion of the family of the student
Specify the Father's full names here
Enter the Father's occupation
Specify the Father's religion
Enter the full names of the Guardian of the student
Relationship of Guardian to the student
Enter the phone number to reach the Guardian of the student
Enter the occupation of the Guardian of the student
Specify the current address of the Guardian
Specify the email-address of the Guardian
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