Nursery And Kindergarten

Grade One To Six



To enroll a child at Grain Of Wheat College, please complete the online registration form and send an email to the registrar ([email protected])attaching proof of payment of the registration fees. The Admin Officer/Registrar will schedule your child for a written assessment and interview. The result will be discussed with you by the Administrator. Class size, groupings, whether by age-level or development level, shall be at the discretion of the Administrator. The designated tuition fee must be received by the school in order for a child to be enrolled.

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Enrollment Requirements

  • A photocopy of your child’s PSA Birth Certificate
  • Four (4) pcs. 2 x 2 recent colored picture with white background (computer-generated printouts and a photocopy will not be accepted)
  • Photocopy of Progress Report Card (Form 138) with LRN (if applicable)
  • Medical Certificate (that the child is fit to attend school, please indicate if your child has any known allergies)
  • 1 Long brown envelope with your child’s full name
  • For Foreigners: Alien Certificate and Student Permit

Enrollment Termination Process

Whole Brain Learning Center is dedicated to maintaining a safe, harmonious classroom environment for the optimum development of all our students. Parents of children with excessively disruptive or hurtful behavior will be asked to seek professional assistance. We will adhere to the following process in general.

  • The teacher will consult with the Head of School at the earliest opportunity to identify an at-risk student.
  • The Head of School will observe the student in the classroom and/or on the playground, and provide the
  • teacher with information and recommendations to address the child’s needs.
  • Staff will document specific incidents of behavior that are worrisome or problematic.
  • If needs or problems are significant, the Head of School and the teacher will meet with parents. Using observations about patterns of behavior, a plan will be created to address the needs of the child. The need for specific professional consultation may be identified. If the need for professional support is requested, parents are expected to respond in a timely manner to acquire those services.
  • A written statement of goals and strategies for achieving goals will be created with parents, the School and consulting professionals. A date for a progress review will be created with parents, the school, and consulting professionals. A date for a progress review will be set.
  • If support from the family is not forthcoming and/or the problems are of such severity that the climate of the classroom and safety of the other children is in jeopardy, parents will be given a date by which the student will be removed from the classroom and parents will need to obtain alternate care for their child.
  • If a family is asked to leave the school, the student will be considered withdrawn after the last date of attendance. Tuition will be prorated for time attended, and the school shall retain the deposit and fees.
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