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Christina Vegerano

As I graduated from EIWMI,  (Now Grain of Wheat College) a new journey has begun. I was assigned to handle an outreach in A Grain of Wheat Chrurch – C6 Outreach Ministry (House Church) located at Brgy. Sta. Ana Taytay, Rizal. It was a great privilege for me to handle an outreach church for the first time. This is very challenging for me, to think that people whom I evangelize will believe in me and accept my invitation to come to Church because I am just a woman used by the Lord. Praise be unto God because children ministry in C6 is growing. I pray to God that we can have a small space with a roof for our gathering every Saturday including their parents for Bible study. My deepest need is to be more eager to do my best in serving God and to become strong in faith not because I am woman but as a servant of God. It is my joy to bring people to Christ and make Him known. 

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Renato Lazaro

I am one of the 2015 first batch graduates of EIWMI. As of now, God entrusted me to handle one of our outreach ministry together with my wife in A Grain of Wheat Outreach Ministry – Antipolo Grace Church located at Purok 34 Mt. SamatBrgy. San RoqueAntipoloCity. Presently, we’re doing children ministry with more than a hundred (100) kids every Saturday and having a feeding program for kids. We have also Prayer meetings every Tuesdays and Thursday nights for Youths and parents. We also do house to house Bible study. Ministering to people is not easy as we know, but the Lord always reminds me that I was called to do His Great Commission and to minister to the people. God put me in this place and I believe He will empower me and use me mightily for the expansion of His Kingdom. May the name of our Lord Jesus Christ be praised! Maranatha!

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Hannah Maina

I am a graduate student at Grain of Wheat College and Graduate School. I am from Kenya and I am here in the Philippines together with my family.
Currently, we are serving at A Grain of Wheat Christian Ministries. I had an opportunity to study at Grain of Wheat College after which I graduated with a Master of Divinity. Thesis titled :The influence of personal and professional background of foreign missionaries on their response to cross-cultural mission work. I really enjoyed doing my studies here because it has helped me build my confidence and increase my knowledge in the mission field.
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