Bachelor Of Theology

The Bachelor of Arts in Theology is designed to provide the biblical study and ministerial praxes required for applying the theological study, pastoral care, and church administration in the ministerial fields and developments through integrated and holistic approach in the ministry. It provides the basic theological foundations for graduate studies and preparation for some forms of ministerial teaching.

The expected results of the four-year study including the ability to interpret the bible, prepare and deliver sermons, and administer the programs of a local church meets the Outcome Based Education (OBE) policy of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED).

The Bachelor of Arts in Theology program is a bimester course that can be completed in a period of four (4) years on a full-time basis. The program consists of one hundred fifty-one (151) units


First Year (AY 2020-2021)

Semester 1UnitsSemester 2Units
GE 1 – Understanding the Self3Book of Romans3
GE 2 – Contemporary World3Advance Computer3
GE 3 – Purposive Communication3GE 6 – Readings in Philippine History3
*GE(Elec) – Gender and Society3
Introduction to the New Testament3TBA3
ECE 2 – Health, Nutrition and Safety3TBA3
GE 024 – Environmental Education3TBA3
Physical Education 2Physical Education 2
National Service Training Program (NSTP)3National Service Training Program (NSTP)3

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