Bachelor of Early Childhood Education

A four year course that enables graduates to take up the teacher’s Licensure Examination, start own pre-school, and teach in private and public schools up to grade 3. The program of study is crafted based on the prioritization of general subjects for the first two years, followed by the specialized then the core courses. Students are given lighter load towards the second semester of Third year to give them more time for reflective observation and interaction with faculty and students in actual classroom and school setting. At the start of the course, students are already encouraged to observe and think of possible interesting topics which could be their subject of research.


FIRST YEAR (AY 2020-2021)

Semester 1UnitsSemester 2Units
GE 1 – Understanding the Self3GE 4 – Art Appreciation3
GE 2 – Contemporary World3GE 5 – Ethics3
GE 3 – Purposive Communication3GE 6 – Readings in Philippine History3
*GE(Elec) – Gender and Society3Core 1 – The Child and Adolescent Learner and Learning Principles3
ECE 1 – Child Development3Core 2 – The Teaching Profession3
ECE 2 – Health, Nutrition and Safety3ECE 3 – Foundations of Early Childhood Education3
GE 024 – Environmental Education3ECE 4 – Play and Developmentally Appropriate Practices for Early Childhood Education3
Physical Education 2Physical Education 2
National Service Training Program (NSTP)3National Service Training Program (NSTP)3
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