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Our Vision

Our vision is to nurture children to be fully equipped spiritually, academically, and globally competent in the 21st-century world, bearing a Christ-like image. Proverbs 22:6: Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

  • We holistically cultivate and nurture growing individuals through the 5D’s (Decode, Determine, Discover, Discern, Decide) competency model of whole-brain literacy by engaging them in diverse learning environments.
  • We promote activities for children to become passionate lifelong learners.
  • We use educational materials and equipment which are anchored academically on research-based education and biblically founded on Christian values to reinforce learning experiences.
  • We promote strong partnerships based on strong loyalties among students, faculties, staff, families, and the community.

Grain Of Wheat College aims to provide a high-quality, comprehensive education that fosters your child’s love of learning and addresses the whole child academically, emotionally, and socially. The curriculum varies by program, however, the goals for our school are consistent: 

  • To enter a partnership with parents in the education of their children 
  • To lead children toward mastery of individually identified intellectual, social, physical, and daily life skills
  • To foster in the children deep and persistent curiosity that will lead to a lifelong pursuit of knowledge
  • To help children develop self-confidence
  • To assist each child to develop a habit of concentration
  • To instill in each child a sense of personal responsibility for the world in which we live 
  • To spark in our children wonder, imagination, and joy.

Our Values

We believe that a holistic approach is a fundamental response to the developmental characteristics and needs of children. We seek to utilize the 5 D’s (Decode, Determine, Discover, Discern, and Decide) in all of the programs offered at GOWC. 

We also believe that parents are the principal influence in the child’s life. The school provides a secondary supportive role to the home. It is a tandem cooperative relationship between home and school that best serves the child. We believe that all children deserve to develop in an environment that is nurturing, safe, and intelligent. We believe that every member of our community has a fundamental right to be treated with respect regardless of age, gender, ethnic origin, sexual preference, religion, race, or disability. Intelligence is not rare, but a state of a healthy mind. As such, it can and should be nurtured and encouraged. 

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